Sing a Song for Hong Kong

Calling all young and young-at-heart Hong Kongers to share in the song Banyan Tree — written to inspire our community during challenging times, to join together, inspire our creativity, and encourage playful experiences.

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Explore with your voice, musical instrument, puppet, artwork, or toy.

Sing, dance, act, or play. Interpret the song by yourself, as a duet, or with a group.

Share your personal interpretation on YouTube and add your voice and powerful message to unite, stay creative, and overcome the toughest challenges!

Click here to download

Music Deck & Video Demo

Two ways to share your experience and add your voice to unite and overcome the toughest challenges.


  1. Download the music deck and share your YouTube link with your full name to We will then place your video on Playright’s dedicated YouTube channel.

  2. For an optional donation of $200 or above, join Playright's music video          campaign to support their work to bring Play for ALL children in Hong Kong. Your music video will be placed in a collage video to be distributed on Playright's website, and who knows maybe everywhere in Hong Kong.