Campus health and safety update

Across all our campuses, we are following stringent health and safety guidelines and taking the highest level of preventative measures to keep our clients and employees safe.

  • No staff, student, or visitor showing any sign of illness will be allowed entry

  • All persons must wear masks at all times

  • All persons must have their temperature taken, and hands sanitised upon entering our campuses. Please arrive 5 - 10 minutes before class starts to fill in the health declaration form

  • Common areas and studios will be thoroughly cleaned throughout the day

  • Students will be spread out to ensure a safe learning environment

If you prefer your child to stay at home, you can keep them learning and creative with our online course offerings. We value your support during these difficult times, and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

最新消息 - 各分校健康及安全指引


  • 任何人仕包括員工、學生或訪客出現任何病徵,一律不准進入校園•

  • 任何人仕在逗留校園期間都必須自攜並戴上口罩

  • 任何人仕進入校園時, 必須量度體溫及消毒雙手。請於上課前5-10分鐘到達校園,以便填寫健康申報表

  • 校園公共區域和課室每天都會徹底清潔

  •  學生上課時會保持適當的距離,以提供一個安全的學習環境

假如您選擇留在家中, 千萬不要錯過我們的其他網上學習課程。

感謝您幫助我們維持Kids’ Gallery的校園,家庭和工作人員的安全!期待很快與您再見!