Something different is happening here

We envision a world of creative, curious, and confident children who engage in meaningful activities to become independent thinkers. This means we actively seek and welcome educators and innovators who themselves are creative, curious, and confident.

What makes a kger?

KGers empower and inspire. We seek to understand our students as individuals and nurture their growth by proactively presenting opportunities and cultivating bespoke learning experiences. KG team members have ideas for grand-scale opportunities for their students, the organisation, and themselves. The KG Group actively empowers and supports its teams to bring these ideas to life.

Your COMMUNITY at the kg group

Kids’ Gallery is a dynamic and caring place to work. As the co-curricular creative arts learning centre of the KG Group, Hong Kong’s leading arts education organisation, KGers benefit from a wide array of opportunities to take part in and lead endeavours across Hong Kong and overseas, as well as within the KG Group. Our educators — whether they teach dance, food art, art and design, or musical theatre — and our innovators — whether they’re launching Hong Kong’s next biggest musical or setting up a campus in a new neighbourhood — leverage these experiences to empower students. KGers make up a tight-knit and compassionate community, fostering a hardworking and caring culture across Hong Kong.

Your life as a kger

The KG Group invests in its people ensuring that they:

  • are comfortable and happy living and working as a local or expat resident in Hong Kong, and

  • have frequent opportunities to develop skills and engage in experiences that help them grow and learn

We therefore offer visa sponsorship, private medical insurance, and generous paid leave. We also provide study grants and extra-departmental training in technology, first-aid, leadership, psychology, business, and other skills. Members of the whole KG Group are encouraged to speak out with an eye to constantly improving all aspects of our work, and therefore the services and mentoring we provide to our students.

are you creative, curious, and confident?


careers for innovators

Whether it’s business development, finance, human capital, or one of our other functions, the KG Group drives its business strategy through its dynamic teams of innovators.

careers for educators

The KG Group is renowned for its teaching quality. We hire the best teachers from around the world to maintain our award-winning standards.


the graduate programme

Our two-year graduate training scheme prepares university grads with the business skills necessary to succeed at a growing, creative company. Rotating through the various business functions of the organisation, graduates become well-rounded, business-minded strategists by the end of the programme.

the intern programme

High school and university students gain business and soft skills during our summer and term-time internship programmes. With a wide range of opportunities to develop skills in business and strategy, teaching, and event management, interns are able to tailor their experiences and gain desirable skills.