Elementary Jazz

AGE 9 - 12 歲


JAZZ 爵士舞

With a strong technical foundation, Jazz Dance classes have a basis in Ballet but are set to pop music and incorporate more use of the hips and attitude! The amazing syllabus incorporates classical and jazz technique throughout for a well-rounded and complete dance course. Suitable for beginners.

爵士舞混合了芭蕾舞中的基礎,但採用 了節拍較強勁的流行音樂,以及更強調 臀部的搖擺和型格的態度!我們全面的 教學大綱融合了古典和爵士舞技巧,讓 學生得到完整的體驗。此課程適合初學 者。


Fri 五 | 4:30 - 5:30

Thu 四 | 5.00 - 6.00

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