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Digital Art

Digital Art is the perfect introduction to creating art through the use of new technology. Students combine their original ideas with an understanding of the workings of the graphics app Procreate to develop technical skill and accomplished artworks on iPad.


You will learn the basics of digital art and illustration art using the digital graphics app Procreate for iPad. Learn the functions and tools provided in Procreate and understand the fundamentals of design, how to manipulate images and text, and even animate them to create amazing graphic artwork.

Course Format

6 - 12 years
60 mins
8 lessons / term

Skill Focus

- Photography: Manipulate photos, making modifications, and re-creating images - Photo painting: With computer tools, virtually paint pictures, modify them, and maintain the general layout of subjects - Digital collage: Taking multiple images, layer and edit pictures to create unique works of art - Mixed media digital art: Combine several digital techniques - Famous artists: Technology-minded artists cross over with famous artists across history

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