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Musical Theatre +

Musical Theatre 4 explores dramatic forms of presentation, dance routines, and independent vocal parts, while creatively participating in performance.


Active participation is key in the artistic creative process in this course. In acting, be exposed to a variety of dramatic forms like mime, choreographed poetry, and improvisation. You'll be trained to take on individual characters and strive to stay fully invested in your characters throughout the performance. In singing, learn vocal drills with additional focus on interpretation, and sing with live accompaniment or backing track. In dance, deliver complex routines and explore partnering work and featured solo parts.

Course Format

6 - 8 years
60 mins
8 lessons / term

Skill Focus

  • Explore solo and small group roles singing complex songs as part of the performance

  • Learn vocal drills with additional focus on interpretation and expression

  • Perform solos, duets, or small group singing parts with live accompaniment or instrumental tracks

  • Dance solo or with a partner, executing different and more complex routines

  • Be able to move around purposefully in character independently

  • Be introduced to physical characterisation, improvisation, and monologues

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