KGTV Strategic Communications Course 新聞課程

Boost your writing, reading, presentation, and critical thinking skills by exploring the world of multimedia with KGTV.


Learn how newspapers, magazines, broadcasting networks, and media organisations run with KGTV's dynamic journalism projects, behind-the-scenes field trips, and equipment and skills training with industry professionals. Take your creations to the next level by broadcasting your work to Hong Kong and beyond — maybe you'll even go viral!

透過認識報紙、雜誌、以及廣播網絡和媒體機構的 運作,從而提升你的寫作、閱讀、演講和批判性思 考的技能。加入我們KGTV的團隊,參與不同的新 聞項目、實地考察、以及與新聞界的專業人士一起 進行培訓,認識不同的器材運用。你將會制作出自 己的作品,並將它廣播到香港及世界各地,可能你 就是新一代的網紅!

1. Here's your class time 這是課程時間

Sat 六
10-16 years 歲
2.00 - 5.00

2. Check the fees 課程學費

Fees per term (8 classes)
3 hours per week

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