Together with Academy of Dance, we offer Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Contemporary Dance courses for students aged 2 – 18 years. Our collaboration creates Hong Kong's elite Dance provider, with multiple award-winning competition troupes and scholarship level exam students. The motto says it all! Creativity – Style – Discipline. All dance teachers are fully qualified.

我們與知名舞蹈學府Academy of Dance合作,為2至18歲的學 生提供爵士舞、嘻哈舞、芭蕾舞和當代舞蹈課程。我們的合作 課程為香港學生帶來一系列頂尖的舞蹈課程,學生們獲獎無數 之餘,更拿獲不同程度的獎學金。我們的教育主旨著重創意、 風格和紀律。所有教師均獲得專業舞蹈教育資格。



6 months 個月 -10 years 歲

Ignite your child's imagination in the beautiful world of Ballet. Exam-based class that brings a fresh approach to ballet whilst retaining all the discipline and technique of traditional ballet. Our Baby Ballet, and preparation classes Ballet 1 and Ballet 2 provide a foundation to leap, twirl, spin and tippy-toe right into our examination classes and onto the stage in our performances.

美麗的芭蕾舞世界啟發孩子的想像力, 此課程以創新的方法教授芭蕾舞,同時 亦保留傳統芭蕾舞的紀律和技巧,以考 試作為學習目標。我們的嬰兒芭蕾舞和 芭蕾舞1級或2級課程專為考試和舞台表 演準備,包含了跳躍、旋轉和腳趾舞步 等。


2-8 years 歲

With a strong technical foundation, Jazz Dance classes have a basis in Ballet but are set to pop music and incorporate more use of the hips and attitude! The amazing syllabus incorporates classical and jazz technique throughout for a well-rounded and complete dance course. Suitable for beginners.

爵士舞混合了芭蕾舞中的基礎,但採用 了節拍較強勁的流行音樂,以及更強調 臀部的搖擺和型格的態度!我們全面的 教學大綱融合了古典和爵士舞技巧,讓 學生得到完整的體驗。此課程適合初學 者。

Hip Hop

6-13 years 歲

Hip Hop is a street dance style based around the Hip Hop music scene. It's a super high energy fun class where your child will learn to pop and lock, roll and grind, krump and get funky! Suitable for all levels.

嘻哈舞是一種源於嘻哈音樂的街頭舞蹈 風格。這是一個超高能量的課程,學生 們將學習跳躍和鎖舞步,以及一系列地 板花招舞步!此課程適合所有級別。


6-9 years 歲

Contemporary Dance is a modern style that works heavily on fluid use of lines, floorwork, musicality, and leaps. Contemporary classes are suitable for students with some basic dance background, or also enrolled in Ballet or Jazz.

當代舞是一種現代的舞蹈風格,注重於 線條美感、地面舞動、音樂感和躍跳等 舞蹈元素。此課程適合具有基本舞蹈基 礎的學生,也適合學芭蕾舞或爵士舞的 學生。

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