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Dance Workshop

Tsuen Wan Campus 荃灣分校 | 25 September 9月25日

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Kids’ Gallery star teachers, professional dancers and actors Dez and Neo, will be leading this Dance Workshop. You will be introduced to tap, hip hop, modern dance, and musical theatre in this 40-minute workshop.


This event is available at Kids' Gallery Tsuen Wan campus ONLY.  Space is limited, sign up now!


Date:  25 September (Sunday)

Time:  12-12:40pm (ages 7+), 1:00-1:40pm (ages 4-6), 2:00-2:40pm (ages 7+), 3:00-3:40pm (ages 4-6)

Venue:  Shop 209, Nina Mall 2, Tsuen Wan.

Age Groups: 4-6 & 7+

Fee:  Free, a deposit of HK$200 is required (can be used as credit for a trial class or tuition)

由兩位 Kids' Gallery 的星級老師、專業舞蹈員及演員 Teacher Neo 及Teacher Dez 親自教授(全英語教學),在40分鐘内教你玩晒以下舞蹈:

踢踏舞 (Tap)

嘻哈舞 (Hip Hop)

現代舞 (Modern Dance)

音樂劇舞蹈 (Musical Theatre)


此活動只限 Kids' Gallery 荃灣分校舉辦。 名額有限,即刻報名参加啦!

日期: 9月25日(星期日)

時間: 12-12:40pm (7歲或以上)、 1:00-1:40pm (4 - 6歲)、2:00-2:40pm (7歲或以上),3:00-3:40pm (4 - 6歲)

地點: 荃灣如心廣場2期209號鋪

年齡組別: 4-6歲,7歲或以上

收費:  費用全免,留位費 HK$200 (可於試堂或報讀其他課程時使用)



Thank you for your information.  We look forward to seeing you soon! 多謝你的資料,我們期待你的光臨!

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