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Now is a great time to own a Kids’ Gallery franchise  

Imagine a place that is bright and welcoming, exciting and inviting, stimulating and lively – all while focusing on the serious goals of education, enhancing creativity, and positively developing young minds. This is Kids’ Gallery

For over 25 years Kids’ Gallery has sparked creativity and a love of learning. Over 80,000 students have come through our headquarters in Hong Kong alone, leaving equipped with enhanced confidence and curiosity. Some of our past students have even come full circle and joined the KG Group team in their professional careers.  


The need to support students in soft skills is unprecedented, especially with the learning losses due to COVID-19 – and the demand for innovative solutions continues to rise.  

We’ve developed a unique set of learning programmes to provide balanced academic and co-curricular education which enhances ability and develops creativity, self-confidence, and critical thinking skills to succeed in an ever-changing world.  


By becoming a Kids’ Gallery franchisee, you join a brand that is passionate about student success and franchise profitability with a proven track record that makes a lasting difference. 

Why Kids’ Gallery?