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Date of graduation
Our organisation is unique and has always pushed the limits of Hong Kong's education industry. We ask this question to gauge whether you understand KGG's mission, values, and vision.
We want to bring enthusiastic people on board who are excited to come to work everyday. We ask this question to gauge whether you know what you're in for!
Regardless of whether or not you want to teach during your programme, you should have a good understanding of KGG's main product: its arts education offerings. We ask this question because we want to get an understanding of your personal hobbies, as well as see if you understand our product.
We look for creativity in future KGers because to maintain our position as a trailblazer in arts education, we always need fresh ideas. Creativity isn't just about being "good at art." Do you think laterally? Do you solve problems unconventionally? Do you apply ideas from other areas to new ones?
We look for curiosity in future KGers because constant improvement only happens when people want to be better and learn more. KGers, like our students, love to learn. Curiosity is about asking why, building better, and going beyond what's asked.
We look for confidence in future KGers because well-executed ideas need champions who believe in themselves and their projects. Confidence isn't about being loud. We're looking for resilience, determination, and belief in oneself.
It doesn't have to begin with C! We ask this because we want a better sense of you as a person. What makes you, you?
I would like to be part of the following teams during my programme. *
I would like to be part of the following teams during my programme.
Finance + Strategy
Business Development
Marketing + Communications
Customer Engagement
Tech + Innovations
Teaching + Curriculum
Productions + Events
Human Capital + Culture


How we hire at the KG Group

Our community is everything. Recruiting creative, curious, and confident educators and innovators leads to a caring and dynamic environment for our students and it fosters a sense of innovative learning across campus. That’s why we prioritise questions like the ones here instead of black-and-white CVs and cover letters. Upon review of your application, we may reach out for more details regarding your qualifications and experience. However, to filter applications, we’ve learned from years of working with great educators that storytelling is the most insightful way to ensure our students are taught and inspired by the best of the best.


Our hiring methods are different. We don’t accept CVs and cover letters for our first round of applications. Instead, we look for individuals who embody our values of creativity, curiosity, and confidence.

To make your application sing, we advise that you read up on the KG Group and its divisions: Kids’ Gallery, Face Productions, Mills International Preschool, and Star English. You can find information on the website, on social media, and on third-party websites. A good application reflects research. We’re particular about who we hire, and you should be particular about where you work.

Don’t regurgitate your CV bullets into your answers. While we don’t want to enforce a character limit, the shorter it takes you to convey a message, the better. Get creative with your responses — whether they’re poems, stories, a URL to a video of you — surprise us! Show us how creative you can be.

Before submitting your application, check for spelling and grammar mistakes. You will not be able to edit your application once submitted, so make sure you put your best foot forward and present yourself professionally.