What’s STEAM? Science, tech, engineering, ART, and maths. Creativity is crucial in science and tech. After all, how do scientists innovate, solve problems, and think outside the box without it? That’s why we’ve teamed up with NowTV to enhance STEAM skills and bring STEAM experiences to budding, young scientists and creatives…

Make playtime educational

NowTV’s STEM learning pack features a collection of science, tech, engineering, and maths learning programs from Now Learn On Demand and Da Vinci to inspire young scientists.

寓學習於娛樂!結合娛樂及學習元素於一身的流動應用程式。STEM學習組合提供 Now Learn自選服務和Da Vinci帶來以STEM為題材的節目,滿足小朋友對科學、技 術、工程、數學、天文、藝術等不同範疇的好奇心。

One-off 2 hour workshops 2小時工作坊 for $720 (workshop fee including 1 month subscription pass)


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exhibit your work with the SAR PHILharmonic orchestra

  • Receive a certificate from the acclaimed charity, Youth Diabetes Action

  • Display your artwork at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts alongside the SAR Philharmonic Orchestra

  • Learn about classical music and instruments by creating visual arts masterpieces

  • Develop technical skills in painting, sketching, multimedia, and design

Deadline to enrol 13 October.


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boost your skills to new heights

intensivE programmes for visual artists, performers, and media mavens
深造課程 — 視覺藝術、舞台表演、新聞創作

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