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Family Happiness and Resilience: MindUP™ Parent Workshop

This is an introductory workshop for parents which explains the principles of MindUP™ and provides practical tips on developing happy family dynamics. 

Mindfulness and character-building: 

Developing family togetherness and resilience during difficult times 


Research and experience indicate 6 key areas of concern Hong Kong parents have regarding their children: 

  • Not speaking or participating enough 

  • Speaking or participating too much without regard for others 

  • Lacking confidence 

  • Lacking concentration, focus, and self-control 

  • Feeling hijacked by their emotions 

  • Not performing to their potential 


As we navigate our way through the unprecedented challenges of Covid, regular concerns are exacerbated and can make family life difficult. Through the highly practical MindUP™ programme, we’ll share with you how understanding the brain and applying simple daily habits can transform socio-developmental behaviours and reduce stress for all family members. 


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Joanna Hotung 


The founder of the KG Group in 1996, Joanna is a dedicated educator as well as entrepreneur, and a pioneer in creative learning in Hong Kong. Inspired by her desire for a more well-rounded, creative, and enquiry-based education for her own children while maintaining academic success, she has had an influence over 80,000 students, and alumni are studying at prestigious universities or working in a wide range of fields worldwide. 


Joanna has degrees from the University of London and University of Warwick, and is a Licentiate Teacher of Trinity College London. She is Chairperson Emeritus of Youth Diabetes Action, past or current Board Member of The Women’s Foundation, Playright Children’s Play Association, Hong Kong Ballet, and Bring Me a Book, and a member of the Advisory Board at Gleneagles Hospital Hong Kong. She has won several awards including SCMP Woman of our Time and AmCham Entrepreneur of the Year. 


Webinar session:

Saturday, 5 March 2022  11.00-11.45 am

Is any of your children our existing student?

Webinar link will be sent via email. Thank you!

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