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Support Youth Diabetes Action by exhibiting your artwork alongside the SAR Philharmonic Orchestra on 24 November as they perform Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra. Learn about classical instruments and symphony orchestras while developing technical art skills, concentration, and discipline. To top it all off, you’ll get a certificate and artbook to commemorate all your hard work supporting other children in our community. Get involved by enrolling in a weekly class or a one-time workshop now.



Final call to board the Titanic

Say goodbye to the story of Rose and Jack — Titanic the Musical is a retelling of the passengers on board the “Ship of Dreams” with all the verve and spectacle of musical theatre — a great way to get kids interested in history without being bored to death! Titanic the Musical runs at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts from 11 to 13 October. Get your tickets now.

告別Rose與Jack的故事 —— 鐵達尼號音樂劇以生動的方式去呈現乘客登上〈夢想之船〉後的種種故事,提供有趣的方式給孩子們去了解這令人震驚的歷史事件。音樂劇將於10月11日至13日於香港演藝學院戲劇院舉行,門票現於快達票有售。

Calling all aspiring professional performers

It’s the summer camp of a lifetime for any aspiring young performer — a fascinating experience in and around London studying under experts at the University of Warwick, King’s College, Mountview Academy, Pineapple Dance Studio, Art Academy London, and lots more. A great opportunity to explore British stage schools and universities, build independence away from home, and develop new skills under the guidance of rigorous professionals from across the West End and Britain’s finest performing and cultural institutions. Enrol for Summer 2020 or read about our 2019 Summer Arts Programme.

為期兩星期的英國倫敦夏令營將會成為你畢生難忘的體驗 —— 由來自University of Warwick、 King’s College、Mountview Academy、Pineapple Dance Studio和Art Academy等等的英國頂尖專家帶領下,讓孩子們了解不同有關表演藝術的學府、學習獨立以及增強表演技巧。按此了解更多

What do pigs, a princess, and a candy house have in common?

They’re all fairytales coming to life this Winter Wonderland onstage at Béthanie Theatre! Fancy blowing down a straw house? Want to push a witch into an oven? Dazzle the audience, join the cast, and bring these stories to life in our holiday spectacular. Enrol in any Musical Theatre or Dance course now, especially before our early-bird discount ends on 13 October!

這些童話故事將會出現在我們的冬季表演,於伯大尼劇院上演! 想砸毀草屋嗎? 想把女巫推入焗爐嗎? 參加演出,把這些故事帶到現實。 立即報讀任何音樂劇或舞蹈課程,10月13日前報名可享早鳥折扣!

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