Choose between weekly classes or a one-time workshop and…

  • Receive a certificate from the children’s charity, Youth Diabetes Action

  • Display your artwork at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts alongside the SAR Philharmonic Orchestra

  • Learn about classical music and instruments by creating visual arts masterpieces

  • Develop technical skills in painting, sketching, multimedia, and design

How to get involved…

  1. Choose between weekly classes or one-time workshops

  2. Opt in for a souvenir package to receive an artbook featuring your child’s work and an artist’s T-shirt

I want weekly classes


I want a one-time workshop

Visual Arts Workshops

Don’t miss the chance to create and screen a piece of art inspired by ‘Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra’ concert. Take home a professional printed photo book illustrating all the art pieces, a participation certificate from YDA, and an souvenir t-shirt to commemorate the event.

Communication & Writing Workshops

In this workshop we learn more about classical music and the impact it has on us. We explore stringing words together by using inspirational music to write creative dialogue.  Receive a certificate for the acclaimed charity, Youth Diabetes Action and join in this beautiful exhibit by presenting a written piece of work and an on-screen presentation at the event. Develop technical skills like writing, on-screen presenting and exploring our feelings and how to voice it.

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Upgrade to a Visual Arts Screening Souvenir Package

Get a 20-page artbook featuring your child's artwork and an artist T-shirt for only an additional $380.
Deadline: Sunday, 10 November 2019

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