End-of-year Showcase | Alice in Wonderland 

Come down the rabbit hole and join us in wonderland at Kids’ Gallery’s End-of-year Showcase 2021. Embark on a creative adventure where we will showcase your imagination and talents through virtual performances and exhibitions! Enrol now in any of our Performing Arts, Communication Arts, or Visual Arts courses to join in on the spectacle. 


Project Period 
June 2021 
Kids’ Gallery campuses 


Production Fee 
$720 (For each performance/exhibition experience) 
-Alice in Wonderland themed open class performance 
-Kids' Gallery graduation certificate 
-End-of-year Showcase performance video 
-Limited edition Kids’ Gallery jacket 
-Digital photo opportunity wearing graduation jacket 
-$200 Kids’ Gallery voucher (for Sept/Oct 2021 term enrolment)  


How to Join 
1. Enrol in our Performing Arts, Visual Arts, or Communication Arts courses from now till June 2021 
2. Register to join the End-of-year Showcase 

Deadline to Enrol 
9 May 2021 


Students who have registered and enrolled in the following courses will experience: 

  • Performing Arts | Perform dramatic scenes, musical numbers, and dance routines: Musical Theatre Junior, Musical Theatre Bronze, Musical Theatre Silver, Musical Theatre Gold, Musical Theatre Grades 1-2, Musical Theatre Grade 3, *Performing Circle 

    *Arrangements for Performing Circle will be announced at a later date.


  • Visual Arts | Create wearable art pieces and feature in a catwalk: Art Portfolio 1, Art Portfolio 2, Art Portfolio 3, STEAM, Artists Circle 


  • Communication Arts | Become storytellers, presenters and debaters: Speech & Communication 1, Speech & Communication 2, Speech & Communication 3, Presentation & Debating Skills 


End-of-year Showcase | Alice in Wonderland