Star Circles

Our elite Star Circles™ are designed for talented students who want to further develop their skills in visual, communication, and performing arts. Join a team of like-minded and talented students, led by our professional experts and teachers, and explore many opportunities in the cultural scene in Hong Kong and abroad.

Artists Circle 藝術星級

8-12 years 歲

Largely a self-directed programme, young artists explore their particular interests while being supported with appropriate theory and technique from professional artists. Artists frequently showcase their masterpieces across Hong Kong's galleries and in public exhibitions.


media circle 新聞星級

8-12 years 歲

Be a leader of the new digital world as you become a confident communicator across all online platforms and media. From developing traditional reporting skills to learning cutting-edge techniques to document and edit digital footage, Media Circle stars become well-equipped media maestros, able to communicate and speak on any topic, present it in any way, and deliver it to any audience.

緊接數碼時代的脈搏, 運用各種媒 體與人溝通, 表達你的意見, 成為出色的演說家。

performing circle 演員星級

6-10 years 歲

Receive training in singing, dancing, acting, and musical theatre. Collaborate with others and perform on professional stages throughout the year. Our Performing Circle stars are well-versed in contemporary and traditional theatre texts and techniques, and developing new skills and understandings every year. Most go on to perform professionally through Face Academy™, Face Productions' award-winning performing arts programme.


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