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Online Courses

Delivered by trained experts, our live online classes are fun, engaging, and skill-focused. We offer a variety of courses ranging from examination prep, creative writing, English language training, and other technique building learning, to boost your child's English, creativity, and confidence.

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Summer Camps 2022  

Creativity is a superpower – and we're here to prove it! In a world where nothing is certain, our children are leading the way in resilience, ingenuity, and imagination. This summer Kids' Gallery will provide unique opportunities in exploring traditional and digital arts, movie-making, taking to the stage, and developing skills for the future.

​Join us as Kids Lead the World!

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School Year 2021-2022  

Enrol now for September! Our theme for the new school year is Kaleidoscope: Infinite ways to be creative. We're thinking ahead for your child's future development and look forward to exploring all the benefits of the arts with you. Check out what's new in all three disciplines now.

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Kreate-it kits

Get artsy and crafty in the comfort of your home with our Kreate-it-Kits! Every kit comes with everything you will need, including access to our instructional video, for you and your child complete your very own work of art. Channel your inner Van Gogh, Rousseau, Monet, Picasso, and Warhol and be an artist in-residence!

Grab a kit before they're all sold out!

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6th LCM Hong Kong Speech Festival

The London College of Music (LCM) are delighted to announce the 6th LCM Speech Festival in Hong Kong will be held from 30 April to 2 May 2022.

Develop your performance skills, take part in this leading event and gain invaluable experience, receive feedback from LCM adjudicators and be awarded a certificate.

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Trinity College London Examinations

The Trinity College London exams will be held in February 2022. This is a good opportunity for students to test the skills learnt, gain more confidence and self-assurance, and achieve a recognised qualification. We highly recommend that students enter; however participation is not compulsory.


Interview Prep 

Enrol in this engaging and comprehensive course and make your child’s application to the school of their choice easier. Including lessons teaching interview techniques and skills, parents seminar by education experts, mock interview, and a personal parent-teacher briefing with tips for complementing the learning at home