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Poly Auction Hong Kong X Kids' Gallery
young heARTs

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Poly Auction Hong Kong joins forces with Kids’ Gallery, debuting the “young heARTS” programme to unify art, learning, exploration, appreciation, experience, exhibition, auction and charity elements into one through a unique perspective. Participating students, including two fully funded students from charity partner Ebenezer School & Home for the Visually Impaired, created their masterpieces under the instruction of Kids’ Gallery visual arts teachers over two months. Their works will be featured from 5 to 10 December at Poly Gallery Hong Kong. The charity auction will be held on 11 December, and all proceeds will be donated to the Ebenezer School & Home for the Visually Impaired.

保利香港首次聯同兒童藝廊Kids’ Gallery舉辦「童真藝趣」課程,以嶄新角度將藝術、學習、體驗、創作、鑑賞、畫展、拍賣與慈善元素結合為一。在Kids’Gallery視覺藝術老師的指導下,所有參與學生,包括免費資助兩位來自合作慈善機構心光盲人院暨學校的學生,以超過兩個月時間完成藝術創作。他們的繪畫作品將由12 月 5 日至 10 日於保利香港藝術空間展出,慈善拍賣於12月11日舉行,收益將全數撥捐予心光盲人院暨學校作慈善用途。

Date of exhibition展覽日期:5-10 Dec 2022 | 12 月 5-10 日
Venue 展覽地點:Poly Gallery Hong Kong, 7/F, One Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty 保利香港拍賣有限公司,香港金鐘金鐘道 88 號太古廣場 1 期 7 樓


 the Auction is by invitation only,  please contact us via WhatsApp if you are interested

只有獲邀請者可參加拍賣,如果有興趣請透過 WhatsApp 與我們聯絡:


WhatsApp:  +852 96825082

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