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About Kids' Gallery


About Us

Kids’ Gallery is Hong Kong’s leading children’s international arts organisation, specialising in developing creativity in children and youth. It provides early learners, visual, performing, and communication arts courses to children aged from one to 12 years. Established in 1996 by education expert Joanna Hotung, Kids’ Gallery is now inspiring children in centres across Asia.

The aim is to create awareness of and arouse interest in the arts, and to develop a solid foundation of creativity, enquiry-based learning, and critical thinking, through a wide range of arts enrichment programmes.


Our Story

Kids’ Gallery was born when founder Joanna Hotung’s four-year-old daughter “failed” art at her local kindergarten by insisting on painting an elephant orange instead of grey. The need for creativity and individuality in education struck her, both as a parent and as an entrepreneur. Since 1996, over 80,000 children have passed through our doors, with our original students now working and studying in leading educational organisations and companies worldwide.  

Mission & Values

Creating and delivering educational opportunities that nurture creative, curious, and confident learners aged 0-25 and empowering them to achieve fulfilment throughout life. 

We value long-term commitment, passion, and care for:   

  • Every learner’s development   

  • Trustworthy community experiences   

  • Rigorous, enriching, and quality programmes 

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