Developing creativity in children and youth

Our unique learning opportunities inspire children to be creative, confident and curious!

Our unique learning
opportunities inspire
children to be


Thinking critically,
developing a growth
mindset, and solving problems through innovation


Forming opinions, communicating openly, and believing in themselves


Loving learning, constantly questioning, and seeking new experiences

Spreading the power of creativity.
Be irreplaceable.
Spreading the power of creativity.
Be irreplaceable.

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Summer 2024 Production Camps
LCM Speech Festival Prep Workshop
Kids' Gallery Festival Week 2024 - Over the Rainbow
Kids’ Gallery Art Exhibition 2024 - Imagination Run Wild
TRINITY Young Performers Certificate & Musical Theatre Graded Exams 2024

The Trinity College London in-person exams are provisionally scheduled for Sunday, 3 March 2024. This is a good opportunity for students to test the skills learnt, gain more confidence and self-assurance, and achieve a recognised qualification. We highly recommend that students enter; however, participation is not compulsory.‍

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Trinity GESE Exam - Grade 1 Exam in February 2024

The Graded Examinations in Spoken English are designed for all learners of English.

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Interview Prep Workshop

Your child’s application to the school of their choice made easier!

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Bring a Buddy

Introduce a friend to enrol in a Kids' Gallery regular course and receive a special discount.

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Bespoke Events

Are you looking for a fun and unique experience for your special occasion and learning something new?

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Bring out the best in your child

Masterpiece membership

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We cannot wait to share with you some highlights from our Under the Sea Summer Performance Camp X Trinity In-Production Exam... and our after PARTY!