Our unique learning opportunities inspire children to be

Thinking critically, developing a growth mindset, and solving problems through innovation


Forming opinions, communicating openly, and believing in themselves


Loving learning, constantly questioning, and seeking new experiences

Spreading the power of creativity
What's On
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Summer Camps 2022

Creativity is a superpower – and we're here to prove it! In a world where nothing is certain, our children are leading the way in resilience, ingenuity, and imagination. This summer Kids' Gallery will provide unique opportunities in exploring traditional and digital arts, movie-making, taking to the stage, and developing skills for the future.

Join us as Kids Lead the World!

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Sing a Song for Hong Kong

Calling all young and young-at-heart Hong Kongers to share in the song Banyan Tree — written to inspire our community during challenging times, to join together, inspire our creativity, and encourage playful experiences.

Explore with your voice, musical instrument, puppet, artwork, or toy. Sing, dance, act, or play. Interpret the song by yourself, as a duet, or with a group.

Share your personal interpretation on YouTube and add your voice and powerful message to unite, stay creative, and overcome the toughest challenges!

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School Year 2021-2022

Enrol now for September! Our theme for the new school year is Kaleidoscope: Infinite ways to be creative. We're thinking ahead for your child's future development and look forward to exploring all the benefits of the arts with you. Check out what's new in all three disciplines now.

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LCM Speech Festival Prep

Kids' Gallery students have consistently won 1st, 2nd and 3rd places, and our tailored workshops provide them with the opportunity to fine-tune their performance skills.


Students work intensively on vocal projection, articulation and expression techniques in order to give an informed and confident performance. They are taught to understand the meaning and context of the pieces, as well as how to use phrasing, pace and rhythm for dramatic effect in performance.

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Kreate-it kits

Get artsy and crafty in the comfort of your home with our Kreate-it-Kits! Every kit comes with everything you will need, including access to our instructional video, for you and your child complete your very own work of art. Channel your inner Van Gogh, Rousseau, Monet, Picasso, and Warhol and be an artist in-residence!

Grab a kit before they're all sold out!

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Cast off on a whimsical ride to NEVERLAND - a fantastical place where pirate and mermaid worlds collide. It's showtime yet again as Performing Arts students relive the story of Peter Pan on stage in a dazzling musical adventure filled with hi-flying song and dance routines, elaborate costumes, and spectacular scenery!

Crack open this musical treasure chest now!

Grab a kit before they're all sold out!

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