Our unique learning opportunities inspire children to be

Thinking critically, developing a growth mindset, and solving problems through innovation


Forming opinions, communicating openly, and believing in themselves


Loving learning, constantly questioning, and seeking new experiences

Spreading the power of creativity
What's On

School Year 2021-2022

Enrol now for September! Our theme for the new school year is Kaleidoscope: Infinite ways to be creative. We're thinking ahead for your child's future development and look forward to exploring all the benefits of the arts with you. Check out what's new in all three disciplines now.

Technicolour Wonderland

Star in an extraordinary production, be part of a whimsical dreamworld of theatre and interactive art celebrating the UNIQUE YOU! Our creative productions and shows wow audiences year after year.  And the children LOVE the learning and performing experience. Enrol now.

Interview Prep

Enrol in this engaging and comprehensive course and make your child’s application to the school of their choice easier. Including lessons teaching interview techniques and skills, parents seminar by education experts, mock interview, and a personal parent-teacher briefing with tips for complementing the learning at home.

Speech Festival Prep

Kids' Gallery students have consistently won 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places. Don't miss the chance for your child to be GREAT! Our tailored workshops provide them with the opportunity to fine-tune their performance skills.


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Bringing Out the Best in Your Child
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"It's such a joy to see how much Maya continues to enjoy her musical theatre classes at Kids' Gallery. With every production, we are treated to delightful new tunes and creative dance routines which challenge and inspire Maya to practise over and over again!"

- Maya's mum

"Karson has been with Kids’ Gallery for a long time, and he has learned to communicate in English perfectly in different situations. He is also very excited about his classes every week. I’m really impressed."

- Karson's mum

"Naomi has been with Kids’ Gallery since Playgroup. We find the courses at Kids’ Gallery very interactive and engaging. The teachers have always encouraged Naomi, and she’s now very confident to express her ideas at home and in school."

- Naomi's mum

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