Terms and Conditions


  • Parents should complete and sign the enrolment form and email/whatsapp it to us with tuition fees

Payment of Fees

  • Tuition fees are charged on a two-monthly basis, payable before the first day of the two-month term in which the student is attending classes. Payment is based on eight classes over the two-month term. For students who enrol partway through the two- month term, parents may pay pro rata for the remaining classes
  • We charge a $150 administrative fee for each change you make to courses within term time or before the student’s first class
  • For payment we accept one of the following methods:

Bank deposit – HSBC account 511-647711-001 (NEW) or FPS no: 163893837, Email or WhatsApp pay-in/ATM slip to us with your child’s name

Credit Card, Cash and cheque – Pay at any of our centresPlease make cheque payable to Kids’ Gallery Co Ltd

  • Fees must be paid in full before students may attend classes. We reserve the right to refuse entry to students if fees have not been paid on or before the first day of each term


  • We regret that we cannot, under any circumstances, give refunds for classes and credits already paid for


  • Classes are available on a first come, first served basis with priority given to siblings of already enrolled students and Masterpiece Members. When your requested class is full we waitlist the student


  • When attending classes, students should wear a Kids’ Gallery T-shirt to engender team spirit. In addition, all students should dress appropriately for their classes, including bringing an apron, dance shoes, or other items of clothing as appropriate

Make-up Classes

  • We can arrange make-up classes only for students who miss their regular class either through sickness or travel overseas. We cannot arrange make-ups for other reasons
  • We must be informed at least one day in advance and in writing of classes to be missed so that we can schedule the make-up classes. Classes missed without proper notice will not be made up later
  • A maximum of one make-up may be made per month, regardless of the reason for the make-ups
  • Make-up classes must be taken within the month and cannot be carried over to the next month/term
  • If our available dates for make-up classes do not match the student’s availability, we cannot guarantee a replacement class. Space available is on a first come, first served basis
  • We cannot reschedule a missed or pre-arranged make-up class, and make-up classes cannot be accumulated to offset the tuition fees for the following term

Public Holidays

  • Kids’ Gallery is closed on all public holidays. If one of the eight classes in the term is unavailable due to a public holiday, this class may be made up anytime during the two-month term. Please arrange with us in advance

Enforced Closures

  • We do not hold classes when the warnings for black rain or typhoon signal number 8 or higher have been raised. We regret that we cannot arrange make-up classes for these enforced closures. Classes will resume two hours after the warnings have been lifted

Accompanying Your Child

  • Children under 2 years must be accompanied by a caregiver in class. Caregivers of children aged 2-3 years should stay on our premises while their children are in class

Food and Drink

  • Students are generally not permitted to eat in class, as food provides a distraction to others and may be dangerous if certain students are allergic to the food being consumed. Occasionally food is provided as part of a special occasion or longer class session. Please advise us of any food or other allergies

Student's Work

  • We reserve the right to dispose of or use any students’ work not collected within one month from the last class attended


  • Parents may take photographs, videos, and recordings but only focusing on their own children, and not on the other students in the class. Any media used must not cause a distraction to teachers, other students, or interrupt the class format, and may not be used for commercial or financial gain. You must respect the proprietary nature of all the classes taught at Kids' Gallery and not infringe on copyright, registration marks, and trademarks

Photos and Other Media

  • We reserve the right to use photos, videos, and/or sound recordings of children and their artwork, performances, or classes, for teacher training, curriculum, and/or promotional purposes, unless otherwise informed in advance by you in writing

Leaving Kids' Gallery/Cancelling Class

  • We assume that the student will continue with classes from term to term unless you notify us otherwise in writing
  • We require 14 days written notice prior to the date the student is leaving, or fees will be charged as usual. Where 14 days notice is given, any remaining pre-paid tuition fees will be credited to your account. Credits unused within 12 months after the student’s last class will be forfeited and retained by Kids’ Gallery
  • We charge a $200 administrative fee should you withdraw from a course without completing the term


  • All participants enrolled in activities at Kids’ Gallery do so at their own risk and the company is not responsible for any loss, damage, or injury to students, their family members, and guests as a result of participating in these activities
  • These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without prior written notice from Kids’ Gallery
  • These terms and conditions apply to regular Kids’ Gallery courses only. Courses offered by our partners may have different terms and conditions

Data Collection

  • Kids’ Gallery takes your personal privacy seriously. We do not share your email details with external sources without permission. For more information and to opt-out of our data privacy policy, click here.

Respect and Behavior Policy

  • We value respect and civility in our learning center. We expect all students to behave in a respectful and courteous manner towards our staff and other students. We do not tolerate any form of harassment, discrimination, bullying, or violence in our premises. Students who violate this policy will be asked to leave the classroom immediately. The learning center reserves the right to reject or expel any student who engages in misconduct or disrupts the learning environment.