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Artists Circle

Artists Circle is a fine arts masterclass for promising students who are inspired through creating their own art.


Master painting, design, sketching, mixed-media collage, and sculpture in this specialist course. Projects focus on the application of advanced art elements where you discover your artistic interests through discussion, studio research, and sketchbook exercises. Artists Circle artists are encouraged to participate in art competitions and exhibition opportunities to build a young professional artist's record.

Course Format

8 - 12 years
120 mins
8 lessons / term

Skill Focus

  • Confidently express personal ideas through a wide range of professional art techniques in showcases and exhibitions

  • Build creative thinking skills through group and collaborative art activities

  • Apply design principles and art theories in artworks

  • Develop original content by organising research materials, and develop ideas in a portfolio

  • Appreciate visual arts through discussions about art history and masterpieces

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