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Creative Writing 1

Stage 1 inspires students to enjoy creating and writing stories, as well as develops technical ability in planning, structuring, and analysing effective writing. Focus is also placed on generating ideas and making writing interesting through the use of idiom, figures of speech, and characterisation. There is an emphasis on generating wordflow.


Provide your children a way to express their thoughts and imagination through exciting and engaging themes. Through lessons which will embrace their interest in writing, we will focus on developing components which, when combined together, makes a great piece of writing.

Course Format

6 - 8 years
60 mins
8 lessons / term

Skill Focus

- Understand how to structure a story - Plan out components to their story - Explore and expand on vocabulary and sub themes - Embrace imagination and thoughts and put them on paper - Produce a piece of writing and able to showcase it with emotion.

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