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Musical Theatre Jr

Musical Theatre Jr recreates stories through guided speech and simple action songs, while establishing fundamentals of dramatic performance.


As beginner storytellers, toddlers take part in storytelling through short spoken lines, interaction with characters using simple gestures, and linear blocking. As young singers, they develop musicality through instrument exploration, sound emulation, and repetitive delivery of melodic nursery rhymes and action songs. As budding movers, they are exposed to different musical rhythms and moods using their body.

Course Format

2 - 3 years
60 mins
8 lessons / term

Skill Focus

  • Develop musicality using nursery rhymes and children’s songs with a focus on steady beat and repetitive melody

  • Learn theme-based simple songs as an aid to storytelling

  • Learn to follow the unison movement led by the teacher, focused on simple indicative gestures and directions

  • Explore performance space and use the capability of the whole body

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