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Performing Circle

Performing Circle is a performance masterclass to train in technical singing, acting, and dancing, audition preparation, and show production, and be able to showcase these skills as lead actors in stage performances.


Be part of an elite group of future artists and receive training in stagecraft and productions. Aspiring thespians take on the lead roles in Kids’ Gallery shows and public performances. Benefit from comprehensive coaching in singing, dancing, and acting and showcase your talents. Learn how to audition and build an actor’s portfolio of songs and monologues, execute an impromptu dance routine, and conduct yourself professionally. Contribute largely to the creation of characters and execution of scenes. Learn vocal drills with additional focus on showmanship and understand music theory. Learn foundational ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance skills and practice routines.

Course Format

8 - 12 years
120 mins
8 lessons / term

Skill Focus

  • Learn vocal drills with additional focus on showmanship

  • Be introduced to basic music theory leading to simple sight-singing

  • Sing solo parts and duets, with harmonies and counterpoints, to live accompaniment or instrumental tracks

  • Learn foundational dance skills and practice routines

  • Practice mindful use of space, and apply improvisation in blocking

  • Assume one or more characters in a story, and independently deliver own lines

  • Build an actor’s portfolio consisting of audition monologues and songs

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