Trinity GESE Exam - Grade 1 Exam in February 2024

The Graded Examinations in Spoken English are designed for all learners of English. 

Trinity’s GESE exams assess a range of speaking and listening skills and test what a candidate can actually do, rather than just what they know. Preparation for GESE exams focuses on the development of authentic communicative skills and on building the confidence to use English in real life. 

Each GESE exam is conducted in person by a Trinity examiner. All Trinity examiners are highly trained and experienced. The exam consists of a one-to-one conversation with the examiner.


Requirement: Suitable for aged 4 years and must be enrolled in Speech & Communication 2 / 3 course in November to February 2024

Trinity GESE Exam - Grade 1 Exam

Exam format: In-person

Exam date: February 2024

Venue: At a Kids' Gallery campus (Campus: TBD)

Exam application deadline: 19/11/2023

Exam fee: HK$1,050.00

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