Summer 2023 Production Camps

Under the Sea 星夢海中尋


Life under the sea is better than anything they got up there?

Under the Sea Summer Camp is definitely better than anything out there!

Children will have an AMAZING SUMMER this year at Kids' Gallery!

Our very popular FULL HOUSE SUMMER PRODUCTION CAMP is BACK! And we're so sure that this summer production is going to see students dazzle on a new stage that we're making the performances Trinity in Production Examinations for eligible students! That's right! Eligible students will have the best summer camp experience, perform at the QUBE at the PMQ, and take the Trinity In Production Exam all in one go! That's hitting three birds with one stone (well, camp).

Camp A: 31 July - 11 August  (Mon-Fri)
10 Days (3 hours/day) + Rehearsals + Performance + Exam (26-27 August at the QUBE at PMQ)
Age Groups: 4-6 (Exam: Initial Stage), 6+ (Exam: Stage 1)
Fees: $8,800

Camp B: 14-25 August (Mon-Fri)
10 Days (3 hours/day) + Rehearsals + Performance + Exam (26-27 August at the QUBE at PMQ)
Age Groups: 4-6 (Exam: Initial Stage), 6+ (Exam: Stage 1)
Fees: $8,800

Junior Camp (without exam): 14-25 August (Mon-Fri)
10 Days (2 hours/day) + Rehearsals + Performance  (26-27 August at the QUBE at PMQ)
Age: 2-4
Fees: $7,300

Camp and Rehearsal Attendance

Students must maintain a minimum 80 per cent attendance in order to be properly prepared for an on-stage performance and/or partake in the Trinity exam.  

Trinity Musical Theatre In-Production Examination

 All eligible students (except for those enrolled in Junior camp) will be enrolled in the Trinity In-Production Examination. For this examination, students are required to make props/sets; they will be doing so through the visual arts programme of the camp. Allow at least two months after the performance/exam for the exam mark sheets and certificates to be made available for pick up.  Eligible students do not have the option to withdraw with the examination.


Tickets are not included in the Summer Camp Production Fee. Tickets will be available to purchase and we will inform you via email when tickets are on sale. Please save our email address as a contact to ensure all announcements messages are delivered to your inbox and not treated as spam. Due to venue regulations, one ticket is required per person including infants (0+). Students who are performing  are not required to purchase a ticket. 

Hair, make-up, and costume 

Costumes will be available for pick-up before Performance dates.  

Please wear white/light colour undergarments. 

Performers are required to wear black canvas shoes/jazz shoes that are available for purchase at $80/pair and $288/pair respectively at Kids’ Gallery. We suggest children start wearing the black canvas shoes in class to practise.

  • Girls: Wear hair in a low bun; if hair is too short, style hair away from face
  • Boys: Leave hair natural

If your child wishes to wear make-up for the performance, please prepare this yourself before your performance. We are unable to provide or apply any make-up due to health and safety reasons.

Health and safety 

We will continue to uphold the highest levels of hygiene and safety. 


  • Students should not bring bags or accessories to the theatre  
  • The performance is approximately 50 min in length 
  • No photography or video-taking is allowed during the performance. A professional video of the  entire performance is included in the Summer Camp Production Fee
  • No parent or caregiver is allowed in the backstage area
  • Please note that once confirmed, your child becomes an important part of the Under the Sea cast and we cannot give refunds of  Summer Camp Production Fees under any circumstances.  
  • Performance venue and dates are subject to change due to availability
  • No make-up class(es) for missed class(es)
  • Subject to other terms and conditions 條款及細則

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